Gluten free cook books

Sorry for being a little quiet, August got busy and hectic at the shop so I’ve had no time to cook let alone write!
I thought I’d share quickly though some cook books I’ve found useful over the last few months.
If like me you suddenly realise you’ve eaten nothing but gf pasta for a week along with strawberries and your mind goes blank at the thought of cooking something else. These have been great to refer to-
Gluten free on a shoestring bakes bread and gluten free on a shoestring both bought for me by my lovely sister and her family. These are written by Nicole Hunn who also has a great blog you’ve probably heard about already.

Seriously good gluten free cooking by Phil Vickery, this was reccome des to me by Coeliac Uk.

Gluten free girl & chef by Shauna Ahern and her husband Daniel Ahern. Shauna also writes the blog gluten free girl that I often refer too for tips and ideas.

The Gluten free cookbook by Heather Whinney, Jane Lawrie & Fiona Hunter. My mum bought me this book when I was lost and confused as a newly diagnosed Coeliac. Great for some homely meals.

200 gluten free recipes by Louise Blair & the Good Food Magazine Gluten free recipes. both great little books handy to take on self catering holidays and full of quick meals and bakes 🙂

That’s my collection so far. I really would like to buy ‘Meals that Heal’ soon but I feel I need to try a few more of these recipes first and leave something to get for Christmas! Happy baking!