Coeliac Uk

When I was first diagnosed a year ago coeliac Uk was one of my first ports of call.
It’s a great resource, then send you a directory each year with foods safe to bug in supermarkets.


This years directory is huge compared to last years! Great news for us coeliacs 🙂
They also send out a magazine every now and again. Full of what’s going on, events and recipes.
This month a fabulous Chinese recipe was included I gave it a go and it was fabulous!


It cost around £24 to join which pays for the directory and also pays for extensive research.
Well worth the money for such a useful charity for us coeliacs, if you haven’t joined please do consider it.


Today’s lunch

So lately I’ve been busy with work 👎 self employment has it’s pros and cons. Having to do it all yourself is a con.
However… I’m back.
I thought if start a what I ate today thing.
So today’s lunch a roast chicken (roasted over the weekend for this weeks lunch) and avocado sandwich.
The best bread I’ve found so far is Genius triple seeded. For once this is a bread that doesn’t taste of sugar! Woohoo!


Then as a drink. For Christmas I had a nutri bullet- love it! I blast everything!
It’s a great way of getting lots of fruit in and at the moment calcium is important to me. Apparently I have the beginning of osteoporosis… Nice!
So today- frozen mixed berries- about 1/3 of the cup.
Honey- a good squirt
2 tablespoons of chai seeds
Topped up with milk
And there we go- blast!
Healthy and filling 🙂




Gluten free cook books

Sorry for being a little quiet, August got busy and hectic at the shop so I’ve had no time to cook let alone write!
I thought I’d share quickly though some cook books I’ve found useful over the last few months.
If like me you suddenly realise you’ve eaten nothing but gf pasta for a week along with strawberries and your mind goes blank at the thought of cooking something else. These have been great to refer to-
Gluten free on a shoestring bakes bread and gluten free on a shoestring both bought for me by my lovely sister and her family. These are written by Nicole Hunn who also has a great blog you’ve probably heard about already.

Seriously good gluten free cooking by Phil Vickery, this was reccome des to me by Coeliac Uk.

Gluten free girl & chef by Shauna Ahern and her husband Daniel Ahern. Shauna also writes the blog gluten free girl that I often refer too for tips and ideas.

The Gluten free cookbook by Heather Whinney, Jane Lawrie & Fiona Hunter. My mum bought me this book when I was lost and confused as a newly diagnosed Coeliac. Great for some homely meals.

200 gluten free recipes by Louise Blair & the Good Food Magazine Gluten free recipes. both great little books handy to take on self catering holidays and full of quick meals and bakes 🙂

That’s my collection so far. I really would like to buy ‘Meals that Heal’ soon but I feel I need to try a few more of these recipes first and leave something to get for Christmas! Happy baking!

Ricotta, Parma ham & Spinach pasta

A nice filling quick meal at the end of a busy day.

Serves 2 comfortably


225g gluten free pasta of any kind
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 small onion, finely chopped
1 garlic clove, crushed
80g of Parma ham, cut into chunks
150g of ricotta cheese
80g wilted spinach
2 tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese
2 tablespoons if white wine
Salt & pepper


Cook the pasta.
Meanwhile heat the olive oil in a frying pan add the onion and garlic, fry until softened.
Then add the ham and cook for 1-2 minutes.
Add the ricotta cheese, wilted spinach, Parmesan and wine. Heat through.
Drain the pasta and toss the sauce through the pasta, season with salt and black pepper.

Enjoy 🙂


Crate of nothing :)

Recently I’ve been finding it difficult to find good snacks. Having had to go dairy free for a while until my gut heals I’ve struggled with snacks, where as before I would have had a chocolate bar or an oat bar both are out of the question currently.
I saw on a Facebook group about a company called crate of nothing. The do a monthly box either gluten free or dairy and gluten free full of snacks and bits you wouldn’t find in the super market.
This month I got the gluten an dairy free box, you. An either sign up for a subscription or get a one off box when ever you fancy.

20140806-093754 pm-77874157.jpg
In this months box was the following-
An Amy’s kitchen can of soup
Dr Lucy’s gluten free ginger snap cookies
Apple crisps
Pop rice
Gluten free gnocchi
Strawberry bar
Two mini ale loads
Smoked chilli crisps
Chocolate flake tea bags

20140806-094057 pm-78057005.jpg
Also each month there are some ingredient to creat the enclosed recipe 🙂

20140806-094149 pm-78109638.jpg

20140806-094209 pm-78129705.jpg
Can’t wait to get baking!

(Written by a dyslexic coeliac apologies for any mistakes)

In it for the long run… Cycle!

I can not recall a time when I had this much energy. I’m sure maybe I did once… My tenth birthday running round the mountain in the middle of a water fight I’m sure was an energetic me, but with the 27th birthday quickly approaching those memories are becoming a distant past.
Even working 12 hour days in the height of the season I still seem to be full of beans!
Don’t get me wrong when I go to bed I sleep, in fact I’ve haven’t slept so well in years either! I used to wake 8, 10 times a night but since going gf I have slept through most nights.
Since discovering the coeliac disease and the lack of knowledge I knew that I wanted to do something to raise awareness, not only nationally but locally. It’s pretty impossible for me to eat out these days and I’m craving a greasy chow mien… It doesn’t fill you with confidence when a restaurant have no idea about gluten and insist you’ll be fine. Without sounding like a preacher people need to be educated.
Around the time of diagnosis the London marathon was on… So this week the fabulous husband and I sent off our applications in the hope we’ll get in!

20140724-092241 pm-76961296.jpg
We’ve started training… In case we get in! I’ve never run a serious race of any distance and as a recovering coeliac it’s important to start slowly… By slowly I mean I’ve got up to a mile! That’s pretty good going for a lady that couldn’t run. I’ve gone into it pretty seriously, by this I mean I bought Lycra and a running watch! It’s pretty nifty the garmin forerunner 15, it tells me how many miles I walk a day which can be a little disturbing when all you’ve done is walk between the sink and pizza oven at work but clocked up 5 miles! !
It also times my run, fastest sections, maps it all. It’s very geeky!
It’s also great on the new… Bike! Yes I know! I did say I’ve gone all in! The fabulous husband bought me a pretty swanky bike for my birthday… And Christmas… For possibly the next 12 years! Whys bike? Because in a off the cuff conversation I noted we’d spent 4 summers in the shop, missed out on birthday days out, weddings, we’r basically friendless due to work commitments and it was time to live life. Go back to the simple things. See the country. See the world. Do stuff we once enjoyed but then forgot. The fabulous husband was is a cyclist but somewhere along the way lost in a world of cappuccino making he all but gave it up. We’r on it, ‘let’s start the season with a marathon an end it cycling lands end to john o groats?!’
The bike arrived from Thorn bicycles, I asked a friend about touring bikes he suggested a few, I saw the pink one, and that was it, it had to be pink!
She arrived pretty quickly.
It’s been sometime since I rode a bike… Like 10 years! So her maiden voyage was to the cycle track and I rode an impressive 7 miles (impressive to me!) the husband puttle’d along beside me. Obviously he wants to charge off, he’s the same whilst we’r running but he’s very good and supportive and always encourages me along. One day I’ll charge off! Maybe!
To think at school I was the kid who avoided P.E at all costs and was nicknamed ‘lazy’ by the teacher. To set the record straight it wasn’t lazy… It was self conscious in a room full of pretty rough cruel girls! The kid that once cowered at an awkward 6ft is long since gone! One can’t be self conscious in a sweaty date running on the beach!
I’ve been a further 14 miles on the bike and so it feels apt to name her. I named my first car Sophie, my second was smokey but she came with that name.
This bike in all it’s crazy pink glory needed a name that said ‘I’m freedom, I’m that cycling away from work, I’m that adventure to see the world’ and so she’s named nothing less than Dolly! Because? Well… my favourite tune of all time is Dolly Parton 9-5
‘There’s a better life, and you dream about it don’t you?’

So the long run/ cycle begins!

20140724-094220 pm-78140476.jpg

Healing with vitamins

Since going gluten free I’ve read loads of books by other coeliacs and their journey to recovery. From Jennifer Esposito who opened a gluten free bakery in New York, her book Jennifer’s Way is a must read for any new coeliac! To Gluten- free girl by Shauna James Ahern who also writes a blog of the same name.
I’m currently reading ‘Gluten is my Bitch’ by April Peveteaux, a great funny read.
A lot of the books mention all the same things including vitamins.
It’s safe to say my body hasn’t absorbed enough vitamins for quiet some time. So after reading up on it all I know have a morning routine that starts like this-

20140718-100213 pm-79333834.jpg
An actamel is a probiotic yogurt for healing the gut, creates healthy gut bacteria and some research proves to heal a coeliac gut faster. To this I add 5ml of vitamin D. Liquid vitamins are great and absorb faster if your gut is too damaged to absorb. My body lacks vitamin d currently and so any sun I see my skin is immediately burning.

20140718-100540 pm-79540720.jpg
Vitamin B12 often lacking in coeliacs is responsible for energy levels I also use this for an extra boost-

20140718-100637 pm-79597582.jpg
Great for when I’m feeling a little more tired. Tastes like peaches too!
Then I take a good all round multivitamin and vitamin c tablet too.
It’s vital to top up on these currently and also eating lots of homegrown veg and fruit.

20140718-101444 pm-80084966.jpg
In October I’ll be having blood tests to test my vitamin levels, anything I’m lacking in I’ll be given injections or a course of stronger tablets.
I feel this routine is working for me currently and working 7 days a week at the moment I don’t feel tired and seem to have loads of energy so something must be right. I’ve even taken up running and cycling both major steps for me.
More about that another time 💛