More rice noodles!

One of my coeliac fears is eating out. Those times when you don’t think ahead and find yourself out for hours and unable to find anything to eat. I searched for something to eat at those times your on a day out and want to take something with you to eat but something you could easily not eat if you found an alternative.

I came across Kabuto noodles! To be honest I’m not entirely sure how I first came across them, someone tweeted something about their new gf noodles and my search for them started there.
I ended up contacting them to see where they stocked. Nowhere in North Wales obviously πŸ˜” So I suggested a shop in town that might stock them, but said shop wasn’t interested.

Then whilst discussing it with the fabulous husband he suggested we get them in our cafe so other gf people could buy them incase they didn’t find other gf places to eat. Excellent plan!

Sophie the kind lady at Kabuto Noodles sent me some sample packs of their miso and chicken gf noodles. Both are delicious!

Essentially Kabuto noodles are the same principle as the original pot noodles, just add boil hot water. But I can tell you they taste nothing like them! Their amazing!

I never go out without one now. So quick and convenient there’s no need to worry about finding something to eat. I can’t wait to take these to a festival incase there’s nothing there or on days out to shows.
Kabuto noodles you are life savers! Thank you! πŸ‘
Check them out here-!/KabutoNoodles

Stocked at Pethau Melys of course!

20140714-093907 pm-77947397.jpg

20140714-093929 pm-77969544.jpg


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