BBQ beers and lagers

Now summer is in full swing it time for those late evening beach bbq’s.
I’ve always been a cider girl myself which is of course safe for coeliacs (handy!) but I feel like if a company has made an effort to make a gluten free product then I should make the effort to give it a go even if I wasn’t keen on them before.
So I tweeted about not being able to have beer or lager. First my sister in law replied (a wealth of knowledge about beers, and works for our local brewery!) a relatively local brewery has started making a beer called masquerade (a gluten free beer masquerading as a beer…)
She got me a bottle, to be fair I don’t like beer but it was a really good drink. If your a beer fan I can imagine this is the one for you.

20140707-073713 pm-70633827.jpg

This is their website

Then also replying to my tweet was our very helpful wine shop man 🙂
He’s very helpful when ever you visit and was really helpful in letting me know about two lager’s he sold both gluten free!
. I’ve given both a go and both seem lovely.
So a special thanks to Dean for letting me know! As he says ‘beer for everyone!’

20140707-074110 pm-70870310.jpg

20140707-074111 pm-70871798.jpg

20140707-074109 pm-70869101.jpg

So if your having a BBQ and you like that cold lager or a pint of beer with it these are what I’ve found so far 🙂
Enjoy! Happy bbq’ing!

20140707-074749 pm-71269727.jpg


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